A beautiful sunset among-st the clouds,
A shooting star falling across the sky,
A serene world beneath me,
Nature’s beauty all around as I fly.
The gleaming wings of metal reflects the passion of my dreams,
The roar of engines, give a voice to my dumb screams.
That feeling of the utmost joy, as the wheels lift off into the sky.
When the whole world becomes blur, when it’s just you and her.
Looking down from up above, the world and it’s problem seem so small.
There’s no borders and no boundaries, the world in one where everyone loves all.
Seeing everyday what people don’t get to see in a life time.
That true beauty as made by our creator.
Thank you god for making me what I am,

– Piyush Kacha.


About Capt. Piyush Kacha

Hello World, I am an fellow Aviator who loves to Fly and explore the sky. I am here to put up my voice in the form of blog. Please do not hesitate to share your views. Feel free to comment. Your comments will surely be appreciated and valued. Happy Blogging! View all posts by Capt. Piyush Kacha

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