Loving Someone Is Life’s Greatest Gifts!

To love someone
is to experience every other emotion outside of love and still come back to love.

To love someone
is to feel hurt or pain and be able to overcome it and forget about it.

To love someone
is to realize that the other person is not perfect. It is being able to see their bad parts, but put emphasis on the parts you love, and gladly accept them for the individual they are.

To love someone
is to lay a strong base for the feelings, but leave same room for some fluctuation, because to feel exactly the same way all the time would leave no room for growth, experience and learning.

To love someone
is to be strong in accepting new ideas and facts. It is knowing that a person will not stay the same, but also that change happens gradually.

To love someone
is to give until your heart aches. The greatest gifts shared between two people are trust and understanding, which come from love. Love is giving one hundred and ten percent of yourself and only wanting something as simple as a smile in return.

To love someone
is to be able to see not only with your eyes but with your heart as well. It is to develop insight into your feelings and the Β  other persons feelings and have a good understanding of your relationship.

To love someone
is to give of yourself totally saying, “Here I am, and all that I am loves you very much.” It is not twisting and turning and Β  changing yourself to gain approval, but it is improving yourself so that your good points catch the other’s attention and overshadow your faults.

– Piyush Kacha.


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