A Mother’s Heart.

There is a certain magic that happens when the woman becomes a mother,
From the first joyful moment that she hold the new born child an amazing transformation begins to take place.

Nourished by a foundation of unconditional love,
her heart fills and expands and strengthens to nurture and protect her child for time eternal.

In a mother’s heart, no child is ordinary, she sees the beauty a hasty world often ignores.
A mother’s heart feels her offspring’s pain, and she is always there with words of encouragement.

A mother’s hear never gives up.
No matter how cold or dark life seems,
no matter what others may think,
no matter how many obstacles are there in her path,
she never loses hope and faith in her child.

No matter how far we go or how much we achieve,
few accomplishments in life are as rewarding as a single smile from a mother’s heart.

– Piyush Kacha.


About Capt. Piyush Kacha

Hello World, I am an fellow Aviator who loves to Fly and explore the sky. I am here to put up my voice in the form of blog. Please do not hesitate to share your views. Feel free to comment. Your comments will surely be appreciated and valued. Happy Blogging! View all posts by Capt. Piyush Kacha

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