She’s gone forever….!

ometimes I ask myself
Does she ever think about me ?
Does she ever cry herself to sleep ?
In the middle of the night when she’s frightened… Is she calling out my name ?
I ask my myself to Forget her, Forget her name, Forget her face & Forget our first kiss.
Her warm embrace and Forget the love it once knew.
Remember she has someone new, Forget her when you played your song.
Remember when you cried all night long
I ask to, Forget how close you two were.
Forget the way she used to talk Forget the things she used to say.
Remember she has gone away Forget her laugh, forget her chin Forget the way she held you tight.
Forget the time that went so fast, Forget the love that moved it’s past, Forget she said she’d leave u never.
Though you still love her, Just remember that she’s gone forever…….

– Piyush Kacha.

About Capt. Piyush Kacha

Hello World, I am an fellow Aviator who loves to Fly and explore the sky. I am here to put up my voice in the form of blog. Please do not hesitate to share your views. Feel free to comment. Your comments will surely be appreciated and valued. Happy Blogging! View all posts by Capt. Piyush Kacha

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